“Where Are They Now?” Oprah asks: Carrot Top hasn’t gone anywhere, still headlining Las Vegas

Carrot Top was headlining shows on the Las Vegas Strip when I launched The Comic’s Comic in Vegas six years ago, and the prop comic born Scott Thompson still is entertaining Vegas crowds today — headlining at the Luxor six nights a week.

Here’s the new Luxor promo clip for Carrot Top, uploaded in September:

And yet, too many people — Oprah among them — Carrot Top might as well be invisible. So there he was this past weekend, profiled anew on Oprah’s latest “Where Are They Now?” special on OWN (along with Hulk Hogan and Cris Judd) over the weekend.

The performer told Oprah’s people, “I never once in my life thought that I’d be famous. I didn’t. I just thought this would be a fun job.”

He lives a half-hour from the Vegas Strip. He showed OWN around his home, his memorabilia, his prop workshop, and we meet his mother. And he makes no apologies for staying in shape and how he has bulked up by working out.

Carrot Top has headlined the Luxor, in fact, since 2005. “I think people like the show, I guess, or else they wouldn’t come back. I think it’s relatively a feel-good show.” He added that Vegas is great because people visit from all over, and often remember seeing him in the past at a fair or theater gig years ago. “I persevered, I think that’s one thing. In life, not just in comedy. Perseverance is the biggest thing.”


Pantera’s drummer gave Carrot Top a sauna as a birthday present.

And on making his TV debut with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, and once getting a lift back to Vegas on Leno’s jet:

Speaking of late-night, Carrot Top also was on Arsenio a couple of weeks ago with some new props in his trunks. Roll that clip!

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