Day: November 11, 2013

Sketch comedy from Neil Casey and Will Hines: “Security Questions”

Will Hines and Neil Casey are two of the finest improvisers and sketch comedians in New York City, or your city if they were in and/or are coming to your city, and for a glorious time they performed sketches together in an Upright Citizens Brigade show called “Small Men.” This is a sketch from that show. This is “Security Questions.” Watch and learn. In a not-too-distant land, young would-be could-be funny people already are memorizing it to perform at their schools, their lunch tables, their talent shows, while slightly older people are mentioning it in their break rooms and...

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Call the Gangster Party Line

Headphones and phones up! All lines are now open for the Gangster Party Line…it’s not safe for work, and may not even be safe for you, but if you’re willing to talk smack, they are, too. Roll the clip! Brought to you by Brent Weinbach, 2007 winner of the Andy Kaufman Award. Weinbach makes a brief appearance as the psycho. Speaking of which… The 2013 Andy Kaufman Award finals are tonight at Gotham Comedy...

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Sacha Baron Cohen kills with 2013 BAFTA Britannia Awards prank

Over the weekend, Sacha Baron Cohen showed up the Brits and Hollywood once more whilst accepting his Charlie Chaplin Award for Excellence In Comedy at the BAFTA L.A. Jaguar Britannia Awards, pretending to kill an elderly woman who had been introduced as a co-star with the late great Chaplin. Salma Hayek introduced Cohen and the woman. And Judd Apatow was onstage, too. It all aired Sunday night on BBC America. Roll the...

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Jimmy Fallon announces Nate Bargatze’s NBC development deal in his “Late Night” intro

Nate Bargatze already performed once this year on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and back in June, Fallon couldn’t have enough nice things to say about the young stand-up comedian. Holding up his stand-up album and whatnot. Well, Fallon one-upped all of that on Friday night’s show. Two-upped it, really. He not only plugged the album again by holding up the cover (and helping propel Bargatze’s record to #1 on iTunes to boot), but also plugged their Jimmy Fallon’s Clean Cut Comedy Tour┬átogether and announced that NBC had given Bargatze a development deal. How about that! You’ve seen Bargatze’s...

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Rhys Darby on Late Show with David Letterman

Rhys Darby wasn’t just the ill-suited manager and diplomat for New Zealand’s musical duo Flight of the Conchords on HBO, he’s also a stand-up comedian himself. Darby was in New York City last weekend, and performed Friday night on Late Show with David Letterman. Darby proved why men aren’t necessarily good lookers, and showed off his act-out and sound effect skills, as well as his hefty wallet. What’s in your wallet? Roll the...

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