Nate Bargatze already performed once this year on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and back in June, Fallon couldn’t have enough nice things to say about the young stand-up comedian. Holding up his stand-up album and whatnot.

Well, Fallon one-upped all of that on Friday night’s show. Two-upped it, really. He not only plugged the album again by holding up the cover (and helping propel Bargatze’s record to #1 on iTunes to boot), but also plugged their Jimmy Fallon’s Clean Cut Comedy Tour┬átogether and announced that NBC had given Bargatze a development deal. How about that!

You’ve seen Bargatze’s father on his album cover as a clown (and a magician). In this stand-up set, you’ll learn how Bargatze’s mother also played a large influence, and why Nate isn’t so keen on science any longer.

Roll the clip!