What’s your favorite SNL character?

No, I mean, by name. By full name.

I don’t know that we ever learned who Stefon really was, nor that anyone really cared if Gilly had a last name. And it may have taken a few tries before we learned how to spell Dooneese Meryl, Kristen Wiig’s mutant member of the Meryl Sisters from the Finger Lakes, who recurred multiple times in a parody of The Lawrence Welk Show.

But my new favorite SNL character name is Kirby J. Buttercream, the fun feline-loving astronaut played by Bobby Moynihan. It’s right there on his uniform name tag. Right there on the outside of his uniform, as he marvels at Fuzz Aldrin on the outside of the spaceship. Kirby J. Buttercream and Fuzz Aldrin. Now there’s a dynamic duo I can get behind.

Your turn! Choose your favorites below (you can pick up to three)…

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