AMC is rebroadcasting all five-plus seasons of Breaking Bad beginning next week so everyone can get all caught up in time for the explosive series finale of one of the greatest ever dramatic series to grace our television sets.

So why not also sit down and laugh out loud for a marathon review of the greatest animated satire of our time?

That’s what South Park is doing! Starting at 3 p.m. Eastern (High Noon in the Pacific Time Zone), Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013, all 16 seasons of the Emmy-winning Comedy Central series will stream back-to-back, with limited commercial interruption, leading up to the Season 17 premiere on Comedy Central at 10 p.m. Eastern/Pacific Wednesday, Sept. 25.

It all streams live at

From the official announcement today:

234 episodes, 5 days, 100% South Park. That’s all 16 Seasons, back-to-back, in a non-stop stream.

We’ll also be featuring killer behind-the-scenes video never before seen on the site, like Matt and Trey commentary on the fan’s Top 15 favorite episodes and the 6 Days To Air: Making of South Park documentary in it’s entirety. If that wasn’t enough to make you cheesed out of your mind, we’re also throwing in kick-ass featurettes like Behind The Scenes of “Major Boobage” and The Making of “Pandemic”.

You’ll also see Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s “Year of the Fan” commentary to introduce the Top 15 episodes.

South Park won the Emmy again this year in the Creative Arts ceremony, which handed out trophies last weekend (and airing Sept. 21 on FXX) in advance of the Primetime Emmys, which airs Sept. 22, 2013, on CBS.

Of course you always can find clips and such at