Fireworks, nudity and no holds barred with Eric Andre, T.J. Miller on “The Jeselnik Offensive”

Eric Andre and T.J. Miller are two of the most enjoyable rebellious rapscallions to put on a panel of comedians for any talk show.

Put them together on one episode of Comedy Central’s The Jeselnik Offensive? You’re sure to get fireworks. Nobody suspected actual, literal fireworks, however. Just see the reactions of everyone when Andre secretly sets off fireworks from underneath the desk — he runs away; Miller tries to just grit, grin and bear it, as if by not moving, he’ll improve his chances of surviving unscathed; a guy from the stage crew runs into frame as if he’s a counterterrorist operative; and Jeselnik tries to maintain his cool. “It was Eric.”

It was Eric.

Roll the clip!

The reliable unreliability of Andre and Miller is what makes them so much fun to watch in settings such as this.

Just look at the big O face — O as in Oprah — shirt Andre sported on TV! Just look at the “Anthony Jeselnik” mask Miller wore over his entire head for the first half of his time on The Jeselnik Offensive!

And Andre has pulled off his pants suddenly before, even doing so on live TV back on G4’s Attack of the Show in its last days on the air. Nobody is expecting or hoping to see an end anytime soon to Jeselnik’s offensively funny weekly chat show. That Comedy Central shared these clips suggests they’re on board for the ride, too.

Roll it.

I’ll let Anthony Jeselnik, our host, have the last words on this week’s episode.

Via his Twitter account @anthonyjeselnik.

On T.J., Jeselnik wrote: “I¬†wish I could look like @nottjmiller if he were dead in a river for three days, but @ericandre already has that covered,” then added a bit later: “Having @nottjmiller here really brings back memories of the last time I wanted to fire our talent booker.”

And for the East Coast and West Coast audiences, he offered via live-Tweets these post-taping thoughts…



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