How to contribute to The Comic’s Comic: Add your voice, insight, experiences

Would you like to contribute your voice, your insight and your experiences in comedy to The Comic’s Comic?

You’re hereby invited to do so!

Perhaps you have seen recent essays republished here regarding such matters as How to Hire a Comedian for Your Private Function or Party, or What Jealousy and Bitterness Can Do For Your Comedy Career. These are essays written by comedians about the art and business of comedy. If you have an essay of your own (or an idea for one), please let me know at thecomicscomic AT gmail DOT com.

If you’ve already hollered at me, please do so again.

I know I tend to dominate the voice of The Comic’s Comic, but I’m just one person with one deeply distinct perspective on comedy from inside and out.

My experience is not the only experience. Add your proverbial two cents to the discussion — whether you’re a professional comedian, an agent/manager/booker, or a critic of the art form — about what it’s like and what it means to be a comedian today.


Sean L. McCarthy

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