Lewis Black’s stand-up special, “Old Yeller, Live At Borgata,” to debut on PPV

Forget self-distribution, forget concert films, and forget even the old models of cable TV — Lewis Black is going PPV for his ninth stand-up comedy special. “Lewis Black: Old Yeller, Live At Borgata” will debut Aug. 24, 2013, as a Pay-Per-View event.

Asked about his choice of PPV over self-distribution, Black told NUVO in Indianapolis back in May:

“No, because I lose a good half, if not more, of my audience. People over 45 aren’t going to watch it. Louis (C.K.), to his credit – I think what he did was great – but he has a TV show. My demographic is, I think, wider spread than his, in that sense; my demographic is 15 to 90, it’s crazy. What we’re going to try to do, if all goes well, is pay-per-view, and that way if poor kids want to pay a few bucks apiece to watch me, great, and it puts it on the TV and it’ll be done live. So, hopefully, that will work, and I’ll find out if it works; it’s what I wanted to do last time, we just couldn’t get it done.”

Well, it’s done.

Black’s previous two stand-up comedy specials debuted first on EPIX.

“Old Yeller: Live at Borgata” reportedly will be the first comedy special to premiere simultaneously on all cable and satellite platforms, thanks to Image Entertainment. APA President Jim Gosnell said, in making the announcement: “We are excited to be a part of this comedy special that will utilize a largely untapped mode of distribution for standup. This event will revolutionize the way audiences see live comedy, and there’s no doubt comedians will follow in its footsteps.”

We’ll see about that.

In the meantime: You can check In Demand for ordering info on your local cable provider for “Lewis Black: Old Yeller, Live At Borgata.”

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