The scene at Montreal’s Just For Laughs can seem a bit overwhelming, whether it’s your first trip to the comedy festival or you’re a native who has lived through three decades of hahaha dot comedy.

Your attention naturally may be drawn to the Galas, the biggest-venue, biggest-staged events with the biggest names in comedy, televised for later consumption in the comfort of wherever you watch TV these days. But what of all of the one-person shows headlining the French Canadian city’s black box theaters?

JFL used to call them “Flying Solo”; more recently, “Zoofest.” This year, it’s Off-JFL.

And now, for something a little more off the beaten path, Off-JFL convinced a few of this year’s performers to put on a red satiny robe and tell “Bedtime Stories.” Or whatever was on their mind, really.

Take Robert Kelly, for instance. He’s always aware that the camera is on, so he’s on, and even slips into a little Marlon Brando from The Godfather, whether he’s aware of that or not.

Robert Kelly performed “Cry Like A Man,” July 22-23 at Katacombes.

Others who have taken part…

Kyle Kinane, performing July 22-26 at Katacombes.

Sam Simmons, performing “Meanwhile” July 22-25, July 27, at Mainline Theatre.

Todd Barry and Friends are performing July 22-26 at Katacombes.