Free CD/DVD Giveaway: Craig Ferguson’s “I’m Here To Help”

Craig Ferguson’s latest stand-up special, I’m Here to Help, is out today on CD and/or DVD via New Wave Dynamics, and I’m here to help you win a free copy!

But first, here’s a free track for everyone to enjoy. This is Ferguson’s take on Shark Week, which is coming right up on us in the first week of August, just when we thought it was safe to go another year without Shark Week.

OK. So you want to win Craig Ferguson’s I’m Here to Help. Just go into the comments on this post and let us know what you love about CraigyFerg. Bonus points if you have a suggestion on how to help Ferguson this coming year when his late-night TV competition becomes even more crowded. (Note: I’ll also accept RTs of my Twitter status on this post or Facebook shares from The Comic’s Comic as entries, in case you like being social with my media). Are you here to help?

Of course, you could just buy a copy of Craig Ferguson’s I’m Here to Help. Here. Help yourself!



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6 thoughts on “Free CD/DVD Giveaway: Craig Ferguson’s “I’m Here To Help”

  1. I love how when I’m feeling down or helpless, Craig always brings a smile to my face. He is amazing at what he does, and I really respect him for how he turned his life around.

  2. Just heard the free clip and me and dad laught our ASSES off. Craig Ferguson is 1 of the Top 10 stand-up comedians on the Plant. Love The Late Late Show on CBS with Geoff. All around funny Guy. Keep doing you Craig

  3. It’s weird but refreshing to be able to hear Craig cuss.
    Always love watching his Late night show.
    I would like to see him take the show to Holland at some point, would be cool.
    I wish Craig the best and thank him for making me, and others, smile.

  4. Craig is my favourite late night host. Even if I’m in a bad mood, or I’ve had a long day, watching his show always brings a smile to my face. He’s close with the audience and just does whatever he likes and that makes him so much fun. His interviews don’t feel scripted, he just talks with the guests.

  5. Craig Ferguson: Love it. I have to tape your show everyweek. You are soooo funny. If i could add one thing to your show it would be me sitting in the spare chair. When you going to have Justin The monkeyless boy on? This guy is worth the time to watch. You are going to laugh!!!!

  6. I have never been a late night show fan until Craig’s show… The random comments are most hilarious along with a side kick skeleton Geoff and a horse costume Secretariat, I mean how off can you get. Letterman and Leno can’t compare. I say bring on more dancing, the Craig vulgar, sexy dance. The guest seem to have so much fun on the show and the Craig doesn’t give a Shit factor makes this my all time Favorite! Funniest guy on tv! Do a southern accent on meth, tweaking, Craig could make that one work! Love ya Ferguson, keep making us laugh.

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