Dave Hill is on Royal Baby Watch for Funny or Die and the birth of Kate Middleton’s baby

Reports surfaced overnight and early Monday morning from Kensington Palace that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, had gone to the hospital in labor with her first child. That may mean nothing to you. But in England, where they regard the Duchess as wife to Prince William, their baby will become third in line to the English throne. Which still means something across the pond.

So you’re likely waking up to breathless media coverage about the “Royal Baby.”

Dave Hill already is and was on the case, though, with his webseries, “Royal Baby Watch,” uploaded earlier this month to Funny or Die.

In episode one, Hill sat down with the Mayor of Royal Windsor and visited Bucklebury, the hometown for the Middletons. No sign of Aunt Pippa just yet.

For episode two, Hill visited with the Chairman of the British Monarchist Society to see how he could cash in on the royal baby with merchandising that other people haven’t already made and sold yet. How bazaar.

Episode three finds Hill meeting with a relationship counselor, an escort and a gun range of sorts. Sex and security. Even more of an issue for new parents.

And in the fourth episode, uploaded two weeks ago, Hill interviewed an actual royal correspondent for the British press, as well as potential nannies.

But what will they name the baby, Mr. Dave Hill? No, do you think they’ll name the baby Mr. Dave Hill? That’s what I’m asking.

A fifth episode is teased at the end of episode four, but much like the baby, who knows when this will drop!

It dropped as soon as the baby did. Here is the finale, tailor-made for the news.

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