Win a pass to the 2013 Just For Laughs Comedy Conference in Montreal!

Festival Juste Pour Rire — the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival — begins anew today and runs through the end of the month, with much of the show business world’s attention focused on that final week.

And you’re invited! Yes, comedy fans. It’s giveaway time.


The Comic’s Comic has a couple of passes to give away for you to attend the JFL Comedy Conference, aka ComedyPro, and partake, hobnob, network socially in real life with the titans of the comedy industry in Montreal from July 25-27, 2013. Each pass has a value of $149 CDN, which, well, I don’t know the current exchange rate, but that’s a lot of American dollars these days. Particularly if you’re still in school, or just out of school and are a comedy fan with not a lot of luxury cash lying around in an account you can access.

If you did have that kind of cash, then you could go ahead and click the link below.

Otherwise, keep reading for your chance to win Conference Pass, which includes:
– Access to the 3-day COMEDYPRO Conference
– Access to the 3-day Podcast Series at the Hyatt Regency
– Access to the Comicpro Series
– Access to the Just For Laughs Awards Show
– Pre-arranged tickets to three (3) New Faces shows
– Access to the Festival rate at our partner hotels (NOTE: Please use our links to book rooms at our partner hotels — If you call the hotel directly, they may tell you it’s sold-out).

NOTE: The Conference Pass does NOT give winners access to cocktails, networking lunches and the midnightparty.

So, you interested in winning yourself a Montreal JFL Conference Pass???

Please weigh in here in the comments section below, and let me know what makes Montreal’s Just For Laughs a must-see, must-do event for you in your life.

Best answers win. But hurry: The conference starts in just 14 days, so I’m going to be giving away these passes quickly so you can make whatever travel arrangements you need to get yourself there…

Good luck!

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7 thoughts on “Win a pass to the 2013 Just For Laughs Comedy Conference in Montreal!

  1. What makes it a must-see – my wife is from Quebec (Rimouski) and has been talking all about Juste Pour Rire and has been watching tons of her favorite French Canadian comics lately (Louis Jose Houde, Rachid Badouri, Mike Ward). She’s been talking all about the french comics and how she wishes I could understand them. Apparently they’re funny. I’ve of course seen tons of comedians perform on TV and such at JFL’s and can only imagine what it’s like in person. We’re actually going to Montreal on the 25th-29th before going to Rimouski to visit her family and have been talking about trying to do something JFL, but don’t know exactly (who do we pick to go see?). This would be an awesome experience for us. Thanks for the contest.

  2. What makes Montreal’s Just For Laughs a must-see, must-do event in my life is because I’m a comedy junkie. The lineup of the Ethnic Show is amazing with Fahim Amwar, Gary Gulman, Cristela Alonzo (saw her on Conan and she was fantastic, and Trevor Noah (I’ve been following his career for years and am glad he’s finally making it into America’s mainstream).

    I’ve already purchased my plane ticket to fly from Wyoming to Montreal for the festival so this pass will definitely help me save some money. I’m also really looking forward to seeing Tom Papa perform and attending some of the live podcasts…I love to hear comedians talk about their craft and life off stage.

    Thank you for this opportunity.


  3. What makes JFL a MUST SEE, MUST-DO event for you in my life???

    My doctor recently told me that I have a ruptured LaughSoul and that if I don’t laugh REALLY HARD between the super-specific date-range of July 10-28, I might not make it!!!!

    Thus, I MUST see, and I MUST do. JFL, that is.

  4. JFL Montreal is my favorite time of the year. And this town that is surprisingly light on comedy the rest of the year, for one very packed week, most of my favorite performers in the world show up. It`s great.

    And, other then all the shows, the things that Ireally mean the most to me are Kindler`s State of the Union, the insiders views during panels, and the relatively new addition of podcasts.

    Oh, and i like laughing.

  5. Hi,
    Well actually we live on the south shore of Montreal. We just don’t have the funds to get tickets for the JFL show. My husband who is from Saskatoon has never seen the JFL show but LOVES comedy!!! Seriously, I don’t know how many Dave Chapelle jokes I’ve heard since I’ve met him. Anyhow, we have two children and he has just started University last fall so extras have been few and far between.
    This would be our summer vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to win these tickets and finally have a few nights off and out.

  6. All of our winners have been notified. Thanks for reading The Comic’s Comic. If you won, have a blast in Montreal! If you didn’t, I’m sorry I didn’t have more passes to give away — but keep coming back and I’ll treat you to fun times soon enough.

  7. After 35 years on a Milk Crate in a dirty, dingy, scarey basement, I came out on top looking quite ‘Gorgeous’. Who does that? Who spends the best years of their life tucked away from the world with crack pipe between their lips only to come out following their dreams?

    Me! Ya Goof! I am a walking miracle who just happens to be quite Funny! Gimme a try! You won’t be disappointed!

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