Brent Morin performed stand-up on Monday night’s episode of Conan, and the inclusion of fellow guest Angie Harmon had Morin thinking about how so many women are out of his league. Maybe he should stop trying to play it cool and just be himself. Is that cool? Certainly cooler than trying to say something cool as he leaves a conversation. Darn that Aaron Sorkin and his walk-and-talk scenes.

Fun facts about Morin to keep in mind. As Morin told his Twitter followers @BrentMorin: “4 years ago I was hired as a production assistant for Conan. Today I was invited back as a guest. FULL CIRCLE ” Also, you can look for Brent Morin in the upcoming NBC sitcom, Undateable, with Chris D’Elia and Ron Funches. Fun times.

Roll the clip!