First look: Kirk Fox as host of “The Test”

“If I’m doing my job correctly, it’s going to be a beginning to a new chapter in their life.”

That’s stand-up comedian Kirk Fox. But he’s not talking comedy. He’s talking the talk as the host of new daytime syndicated program, The Test. As he noted on his Twitter feed @KirkFox: “I may be a comedian, but the test is no joke.”┬áRather, it’s a one-hour program in which Fox presides over DNA tests, lie detector tests and other ways of resolving conflicts between people. Dr. Phil and his son Jay’s Stage 29 Productions are distributing the show via Tribune and CBS, and Fox previously appeared multiple times as a guest on Dr. Phil’s show.

Here’s your first video footage from The Test.

Plus more with Kirk Fox, where he lets us know who he is. “I’m not a comedian. It’s just one of the things I’ve done. I’ve been an actor, a writer, taught tennis for 10 years. I’ve always engaged with people. I’ve always liked people. And I feel all of those things that I’ve done has led me to this moment.”

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12 thoughts on “First look: Kirk Fox as host of “The Test”

  1. This sho is not meant to help anyone. Its meant to exploit and humiliate people. I went on there for an alcohol/eating disorder and was promised help that I would never get. My mom and her friend originally intended to get me on Dr. Phil, however, as surprised as I was to get a call-back it was for this new show, not Dr. Phil. I went on because I wanted help and was promised help on camera. This was filmed May 8 with the show due to air September 9. I not only did not get help but was left two rude voicemail’s by the show’s therapist. Then I watch when it airs to get an idea of it, and I see celebrities and stories of whether or not someone’s ass is real. I got toldby the therapist hat they had a hard time finding me help since the show was not well known but yet they had no trouble getting the Lohans, Farrah Abrahms, Angelina from Jersey shore. I was hoping this would save my life. Instead if it aires I get exploited for nothing, and if not then I lost my kids, job, hopes, and got exploited to an audience for nothing. Thanks so much.

  2. We went on there in hopes to get help, I had also wrote a letter to Dr.Phil and then later heard from these liars. They promised to get me help with the trauma I was going through, instead they lied , and on top of that they rigged the lie detective test on my boyfriend, the first time he must have passed it and so they made him take it again. But what really got me was they promised it was a lot like Dr.Phil but it was nothing like it. And they spent hours with you locked in a room trying to get you to act a way that was crazy, I knew then it was nothing but Drama crazy people they wanted. I had 3 people come into my room and tell me this was how I needed to act, I told them I can’t act like that,they demanded it but I didn’t, so I don’t even think our episode got aired. Its a con, I would suggest if you don’t like to act crazy or drama then don’t go on this show, if your looking for help,DO NOT go on this show!!!!

  3. Kurt Fox is a joke. He obviously has no experience with helping substance abusers, addicts and alcoholics. He’s rude, arrogant and pushy as hell. As an expert in Human Conditions, I would suggest nobody go to ‘The Test’ for anything. What I’ve seen is absolutely absurd. Kurt acts as if he knows everything, when the fact is he really has no clue what he’s doing. I have also heard the show makes promises to get people on the show then doesn’t keep that promise. This show should be cancelled as soon as possible before anymore lives are exploited.

  4. It is a shame the best that a black man can give to this show and to the world is that he is not worth the hair in the crack of a monkeys’ behind. I don’t understand how you stupid women would lay down, have babies, fight over him, pay all of his bills and yours while he’s dogging you and having babies with other women? He takes responsibility for nothing, sucks all the goodness out of you so by the time a good man comes in to your life, you are damaged beyond repair and you treat him how Mr. Right has treated you. This type of ignorance is not worthy to be shared with the world and should be bottled and shipped far away us that never wish to be infected with your foolishness.

  5. The guest are out of control screaming at each other and trying to attacked and what is Kirk doing? Sitting there watching. Stupid show…Can’t believe Dr. Phil and his son Jay are involved in producing such a idiots on stage show…trash.

  6. Kirk, stop telling young boys, young men or any man to stay in the life of a child that is NOT his. Stop telling them to tie themselves to a whore because he loves the child and is the only father to that child. The whore should have thought about that before she decided to give herself to whoever! In what life does a woman say to a man,,I want you to be the father?? Why don’t she know who the father is? MEN,, stop being so stupid and desperate to a piece of ass in your life, have more dignity and respect for yourselves and don’t allow to be connected to a whoe because she WANTS you to be the daddy,, most of you are very young and you can have a much better and brighter future if you get rid of the whores in your life and let them be responsible to find and support the fathers of their kids…don’t be so stupid!!

  7. Strictly Moneymaker on others heartbreaks.Just like jerry sringer, steve wilco, mury cunning ham and the rest of the thieves

    1. You are absolutely correct. Wish I were a man of Any color. Today’s average woman is spineless, needy
      clingy, fat, no morals, low self esteem, brainless, bald, worthless, & lame.
      Hope they such the waste from every low life they are stupid enough to fall for. Couldn’t happen to a better
      woman (women). Who cares a way. You have only ur own ignorance to blame

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