New posthumous Andy Kaufman CD in the works: “Andy and His Grandmother”

Andy Kaufman lives! Long live Andy Kaufman!

At least on a new CD, or what the grown-ups call music and recorded listening sounds these days, anyhow — which is something Kaufman never experienced in his lifetime. Andy and His Grandmother is a posthumous offering from Drag City Records, featuring material culled from 82 hours of often-improvised and previously unreleased recordings Kaufman had made on his micro-cassette tapes from 1977-1979. Kaufman died in 1984 at the age of 35.

The recordings are said to exemplify the innovative and boundary-pushing performance art of Kaufman’s comedy, as he kept his micro-cassette recorder on him as he went about his life, creating stages and scenes with strangers wherever he encountered them.

Vernon Chatman (South ParkWonder ShowzenXavier: Renegade AngelThe Heart She Holler, andDoggie Fizzle Televizzle) and editor Rodney Ascher (Room 237) went through the recordings to form this CD. Drag City says Chatman added sound effects to some unfinished sketches. Saturday Night Live’s Bill Hader, meanwhile, provides voice-over narration. And longtime Kaufman friend and comedy partner Bob Zmuda wrote the liner notes with Chatman.

“It is fun when you tell a good lie that gets taken for the truth,” Chatman said. “It is more fun when you tell a lousy lie that gets taken for the truth.”

“Andy and His Grandmother” will be available July 16, 2013.

1. Andy Is Making A Record
2. Andy And His Grandmother
3. Andy’s Land Live
4. Andy Loves His Tape Recorder
5. Slice Of Life
6. Andy Goes To the Movies
7. Kick In the Pants
8. Andy Can Talk to Animals
9. I’m Not Capable Of Having A Relationship
10. Hookers
11. Andy And His Grandmother Go For A Drive
12. Sleep Comedy
13. [HONK] vs. [DOG] A
14. [HONK] vs. [DOG] B
15. Andy Goes For A Taxi Ride
16. Andy’s English Friend Paul
17. I Want Those Tapes

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