The mainstream media, Internet, and comedy nerds all seem to love Louis C.K. more than they do other comedians today, and the release of C.K.’s latest stand-up special on HBO this month has only continued to feed that hive mind.

So what if Louis C.K. turned around and sold a special on his site that was just him telling classic jokes. You know. “Why did the chicken cross the road?” “Why was six afraid of seven?” Or that knock-knock joke from the interrupting cow.

Roll the spoof!

That’s comedian J-L Cauvin as Louis C.K. above.

This works on at least two levels. First, as a comedian poking fun at our cultural over-admiration for another comedian. If Louis C.K. did upload an hour of classic jokes reinterpreted by him, would The Huffington Post write a glowing piece on it? It’d obviously receive coverage under the “Videogum Promise.” And so many other sites and media outlets, too.

Secondly, even just as an impersonation, this is something to marvel at.

Consider that Cauvin’s home page offers a pie chart of all of the celebrities people think he looks like. Adam Sandler, President Barack Obama, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Brad Garrett, and several others. Not on that list? Louis C.K.!