Push and Believe! Comedy Central greenlights first-ever “dramatic comedy” series, “Brody Stevens: Enjoy It!”

Comedy Central has swooped in and grabbed another comedy series from the development plans of another cable network, ordering 12 episodes of Brody Stevens: Enjoy It! and unveiling a separate 17-episode webseries, “Push and Believe.”

Enjoy It! originally ran for six 15-minute episodes online for HBO last year.

Calling it Comedy Central’s “first-ever dramatic comedy series,” the cable net will expand those existing episodes into half-hours plus offer six new half-hour episodes, to air this summer. That’s not so coincidentally when Brody’s own stand-up special for The Half Hour debuts. As a season finale or coda, perhaps?

Director Dean Fleischer-Camp and the production crew (which includes Mike Gibbons, Funny or Die, Generate’s Dave Rath, and longtime bff Zach Galifianakis) were there in Boston, shooting Brody onstage and off, as well as fans reactions to Brody’s half-hour set.

Comedy Central also debuted the “Push and Believe” webseries today, which finds Stevens interviewing all of the other comedians who shot half-hour stand-up specials for the network in Boston at the end of February. Here’s the first one, in which Steven Brody Stevens invites Dan Soder into his hotel room.

Quotes from the press release…

“Brody may be fearless, but we are terrified…in a good way,” said Comedy Central’s Kent Alterman.

“I’m as excited as I can be while on 300 milligrams of Lamictal,” said Stevens. “My life has always been about POSITIVE ENERGY and I’m looking forward to all of Comedy Central’s fans following me on Twitter at @BrodyismeFriend. America — get ready to PUSH AND BELIEVE!”

For more of what Brody Stevens told me about his documentary series, check out this interview.

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