John Mayer compares stand-up comedy to songwriting (VIDEO)

On my flight home to New York City, Virgin America carried the Fuse network which rebroadcast John Mayer's live concert from the Beacon Theatre, followed by an interview with the musician, Twitter fan and sometime stand-up comedian. There's shots of him onstage at the Comedy Cellar in his music video for "Who Says" as well as footage of his friend, Australian stand-up James Smith — who also got an on-camera shout-out from Mayer during the NYC concert. Let's take a quick look at that, shall we?

Anyhow. During the Fuse interview, Mayer talks about going onstage as a comedian and how writing for that is similar/different to songwriting. Thought you'd be curious to see what he has to say about that. Roll the clip!

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One thought on “John Mayer compares stand-up comedy to songwriting (VIDEO)

  1. Glad that he’s embracing/acknowledging his standup now. He was excited when he started doing it (blogged about it), but subsequently went through a period where he told every journalist that he’d stopped doing it. Nice to see he’s as proud of trying it as he should be.

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