Speaking of the Peabody Awards…

Jim Carrey’s music video this week for Funny or Die, “Cold Dead Hand,” takes a satirical look at the NRA through the late Charlton Heston and how the gun-rights lobby could be so out of touch with reality.

It has more than 1.77 million views in its first four days, and coverage from all sorts of TV and print media, thanks in part to the reactions from the NRA. “What are you afraid of?” Carrey asked. “It’s just a funny little song!” Roll the clip!

Carrey continues to carry the message online this week via his Twitter feed @JimCarrey. To wit today:


Last night, he wrote, “This shower of bile isn’t abt me.I tapped into your feelings of powerlessness n openned up a reservoir it took yrs to fill. Let it rain!”