Huffin It with Biff and Stu: Murderfist’s web series

Murderfist is a NYC-based sketch group that has made a name for themselves as crazed comedic lunatics who do just about anything you can think of (and usually things you try not to think about) t0 earn laughs onstage.

Their latest webseries, Huffin’ It, on My Damn Channel, is no different in that regard; or rather, that blatant disregard for what you might think is safe for work or other places you drag your mind and mind-carrying body.

While co-creators and writers Henry Zebrowski and Ed Larson have achieved much more mainstream success in the past year — Zebrowski will be seen in two big box-office projects this year, including Gods Behaving Badly and the upcoming Martin Scorsese film, The Wolf of Wall Street, while Ed Larson is seen on Comedy Central as the sidekick for The Burn with Jeff Ross — their webseries with Holden McNeely is decidedly more low-brow. Huffin’ It is described as “Biff (Zebrowski) and Stu (McNeely) host a talk show in their apartment after inhaling a lot of… stuff.” New episodes appear online on Fridays.

Each Friday, they upload a new episode into your consciousness to see if you still have a conscience. What will you laugh at? What won’t you laugh at? Where will you draw the line? Do you even see a line? Get in line.

This week’s sixth episode, Biff and Stu discuss their top five favorite TV shows on TV right now. When is now, again? And where are we, exactly?

We’re deep into the minds of Murderfist. But first, let’s back up. To the beginning. If, as a more famous writer before me once wrote, you have to go through Clown Hell to get to Clown Heaven, then this is Episode 1: “Welcome to Clown Hell”

In other episodes, they fart out love, news and cooking tips in “Datin’s Huff,” followed by a chance to meet their meat-cutting neighbor in “Sub-Zero Biff,” and see if “Stu Can Explain Everything.”

Watch Huffin’ It on My Damn Channel.

Tonight, Murderfist performs live at The PIT in NYC, following a graduation show of Murderfist students. Wait. Murderfist is teaching young would-be sketch comedians now? Insane.

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