Warning. The year is 2013.

You’re about to be transported back 25 years to 1988, when Marc Maron appeared on the TV program, Rascals Comedy Hour. You can tell it’s 1988 because he noted at one point in his set that it was two weeks following the 19th anniversary of Woodstock. Neither the 1994 nor the 1999 revivals, which you wouldn’t want to remember, anyhow, but the 1969 original.

The language will not be safe for work. What about the hair and the wardrobe, though? More importantly, note what Maron said in 1988 about the future: “They’ll probably outlaw cigarettes in the next few years. Can you imagine that?” Well, can you?

For more, roll the clip!

Note: The photo above is from Marc Maron in the olden times with Sam Kinison.