Rob Delaney has upward of 765,000 followers of his Twitter feed @robdelaney. Maybe even more than that now.

What you read on his Twitter, however, and what you actually can hear him say on network TV are two very different things. For one, you can’t say much of what Delaney types on American network television programming without bleeping it for FCC violations. For another, Delaney’s stand-up act isn’t built on 140-character bursts or outbursts; rather, he’s more of a storyteller.

You could see this dichotomy play out in one such hour of TV last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Jimmy Kimmel first had old people read Rob Delaney’s Tweets, from Canter’s deli in Los Angeles.

Then at the end of the show, Kimmel brought out Delaney to tell some of his own stand-up.