If you liked Inglourious Bastards and Django Unchained, here’s Djesus Uncrossed back from the dead, also starring Christoph Waltz. Actually, this time starring Christoph Waltz. “Jesus H. Christ!” “The H is silent.” Featuring Taran Killam’s Brad Pitt impersonation, substituting Romans for Nazis. Kenan Thompson as Ving Rhames as Pontius Pilate. And Jay Pharoah as Samuel L. Jackson as Judas. It’s not quite up to the level of Louis C.K.’s Lincoln parody. But the effort was there. Oh, the effort was there.

As were the fake movie quotes for the fake movie.

It’s the director’s cut of the SNL fake movie trailer for Djesus Uncrossed. Can you spot the differences from what aired live on Saturday Night Live?

Roll the clip!