Adam Cayton-Holland’s late-night TV debut on Conan

Adam Cayton-Holland made his late-night TV debut last night on Conan.

A stand-up comedian out of Denver, Cayton-Holland wrote about his feelings before the gig. It’s sincere and enlightening, and we learn that Cayton-Holland was a fan of Conan O’Brien before he even knew who Conan O’Brien was. He wrote, in part:

“I’m excited to be appearing on a show that has become a badge of honor amongst my peers. I’m excited to have a great TV credit. But mostly, I’m just excited to meet Conan. And I can’t wait to stand next to him on television and look really, really short and shake his hand and smile and think back upon those days in newspaper creating, and then think about how far I’ve come. How I’m now standing next to one of my idols. I hope the experience leads to many great new opportunities for me. Because that way, when I look back on that fateful day, I will be able to come to the same conclusion Homer came to in the final line of his college admissions essay:

It was the most I ever threw up, and it changed my life forever.”

For his first TV spot, Cayton-Holland joked about why you shouldn’t name your child after a city, missing a particular fast-food slogan, imaginary field trips, the two types of energy that he has learned, and a trip to Cracker Barrel with his grandmother.

Roll the clip.

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