Panhandler Party on the NYC subway

What’s this: A prank on unsuspecting New York City residents and tourists, not conducted by Improv Everywhere? It’s possible. In fact, it’s happened before and will happen again.

Anyone who rides the MTA’s subway lines knows what it’s like to have your ride interrupted by a panhandler.

Last summer, comedians decided to see what would happen if an entire car on the 4 train were overrun by panhandlers. Panhandler Party! Featuring Nick Cobb and Jen Kwok as the two Tracys, Jane Aquilina, Rob King, Andrew Ginsburg, Sean Allison, and Gary Lee Mahmoud, who also wrote and co-produced this sketch.

Roll the clip!

As commenter Stephen Silvestri commented: “EXCELLENT stuff. But you forgot the following – breakdancers, beatboxers, Muslim/Christian guys collecting food and money (with their proper license around their neck), someone in a wheelchair, someone with no legs, some guy missing fingers who coaches basketball and asks for money (or a smile, N/Q train), conga players, guy selling self-printed books of poetry, guy selling batteries, Caribbean woman preaching nonsense about Jesus’s resurrection, lady with snare drum rapping “no joke, I’m broke””

Perhaps that’s left for the sequel. Perhaps.

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