Scenes from the unaired original pilot of “30 Rock”

Imagine, if you will, an alternate parallel universe. Watch a few episodes of Fringe or Sliders first, if need be.

OK. Are you ready now?

Imagine that in this other world, Rachel Dratch is the lead actress in The Girlie Show, the show within the show of NBC’s 30 Rock; that the 30 Rock and TGS theme songs both have lyrics; that Dratch’s character is named Jenna DeCarlo, not Jenna Maroney; that Alec Baldwin’s Jack Donaghy arrives on the scene and gets along a little too well with Dratch’s Jenna; and that the show’s receptionist, Cerie, was played by someone else, too.

This all happened in the original pilot for 30 Rock, which was retooled over the summer of 2006 before debuting on NBC as the version you have come to know and love (although even that first season still utilized Dratch in a number of odd cameo performances).

Early in 2013, Pop Focal uploaded a collection of those original, unaired 30 Rock scenes. Watch it if you dare!

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