On Wednesday night’s Conan, Conan O’Brien asked guest Ricky Gervais (there to promote his new TV series Derek, after making a similar stop at the TV Critics Association press tour) about his habit of posting unflattering self-portraits of himself while in the bathtub.

Gervais not only answered the question, but arranged with the show’s producers to have a bubble bath brought out onstage. Then he insisted that Conan join him. Then Gervais stripped down to his tighty blackies. Then Conan took off his clothes down to his boxers. Then they climbed into the bubble bath together. Then Gervais snapped a couple of photos of them on his cell phone. Presto change-o! Cheese!

You asked for it. You got it. What? Were you hoping for a wardrobe malfunction?

Roll the clip!

Sure enough, Gervais posted the Conan bath pic from his phone to his Twitter following overnight.