Jerry Seinfeld is the cover subject of this weekend’s New York Times Magazine, in which the 58-year-old comedian and mega-millionaire is profiled and studied to see why a 58-year-old comedian and mega-millionaire would continue to write jokes and tell jokes in front of people on a regular basis.

If you’re a professional stand-up comedian, then you already know the answer.

Because you must.

The profile lets you in on his life with about as much minutia about nothing as you think his stand-up and his sitcom was. Not that there’s anything…I’ll stop myself right there.

Above, you can see Seinfeld’s hand-written joke about Pop-Tarts. Below, you can see and hear him explain his process. He still writes out his jokes on yellow legal pads of paper. Roll the clip.

Read The New York Times Magazine profile of Jerry Seinfeld.