Why does Nick Turner look anguished during this stand-up performance? Because on this night in question — Nov. 5, 2012 — Turner had locked his keys in the car, with the engine still running, just before entering the Brooklyn club for his set at Wyatt Cenac’s “Night Train” showcase.

Cenac let’s the crowd know what is up during the introduction.

Now what? What would you do? Here is what Turner did. He talked about it.

Roll the clip!

As Turner explained in the YouTube description for this video, “I had just locked my keys in my running car 5 minutes before taking the stage. This occurred while most of the gas stations were closed and police were heavily patrolling the few that were open, hence the “Armageddonville” comment. HAPPY ENDING! Eric Michael Pearson is the wonderful man with no arrest record who broke into the car for me. He doesn’t drink so he never got that free beer. Thanks to Alex Gaylon for shooting this!”