Nobody is booking comedy guests for late-night TV chat in America these days quite like my friends at Team Coco.

Or, should I type, quite as daringly and creatively — for every traditional stand-up performance you may see on Conan in his TBS era, you’re just as likely to find yourself treating to a comedian who’s playing with the conventions of both the comedy performance as well as the traditions of late-night TV.

Back in 2011, Jon Dore brought out friend Rory Scovel and delivered simultaneous routines that complemented each other in a way that was more two-part stand-up harmony and less dueling mics. Dore was back again on Conan Monday night, and after a couple of minutes of jokes about mayonnaise and regret,  Scovel entered the scene pretending to be an audience usher, moving comedian Katie Crown to a different seat.

The bit evolves into a trading-places sketch. Team Coco described it as Dadaist. I call it ha-ha-bestest.

Roll the clip!