A song for comedy snobs

Allie Goertz was one of six winners announced last week in Arrested Development‘s contest giving fans a chance to appear on the upcoming Netflix season in walk-on roles for their fan art contributions.

I’ll post her music video for “Maeby One Day” in a moment, but first, sit back and enjoy this earlier song Goertz wrote, “Open Letter To Myself (Elitism).” Not only is it a nice song, it’s a nice sentiment for anyone to remind themselves — comedy snob or otherwise — about the subjectivity of comedy tastes and judging others for their supposed lack thereof. I know it’s healthy to remind myself of that, particularly as someone with stacks upon stacks of CDs, DVDs, books, comedy videos and other performances to review, critique and/or promote.


Roll the clip!

And this is Goertz’s song, “Maeby One Day (Arrested Development).”

You can see all six winners of Arrested Development’s You’re Gonna Get Some Walk Ons contest here.

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