Craig Fergus0n enjoys surprising viewers in the cold open of his Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and Thursday night’s episode on CBS was no exception, as Ferguson ceded the stage to Eddie Izzard — playing the role of Ferguson!

Izzard tried to Glasgow up his accent and launch into Ferguson’s monologue. Eventually Craigy Ferg emerged, only to pretend to be Izzard. Watch as Izzard is amused at how Ferguson prances about the stage.

‘Twas all in good, clean fun. Just an attempt to remind you that Izzard plays Grandpa Munster in the failed (?) reboot of The Munsters TV series. NBC will air the pilot for Mockingbird Lane tonight. Of course, if you all watch it, love it and tell your friends to watch it online later, then who knows?

In the meantime, roll the clip!