“The Bill Murray Show,” starring Mark Malkoff: Episode #1

Nothing up his Web sleeves…

For his next trick, online daredevil — non-life-threatening division — Mark Malkoff has a simple request. He has invited Bill Murray over to his Queens apartment for dinner. Yes. That Bill Murray. Comedy superstar Bill Murray. All-around beloved-by-all-around Bill Murray.

Ludicrous? No. Expecting Chris Bridges to show up in Astoria to hang out with Malkoff and his wife: That would be ludicrous.

Murray is legendary even off-camera for deciding all of his personal and professional affairs without handlers or managers, but instead by listening to messages on his toll-free phone number. He has been known, as anecdotal and visual evidence has proven, to show up anywhere and everywhere. Why not Queens? That’s Malkoff’s hope, and his plan, which he has put into action for his most recent My Damn Channel series, “The Bill Murray Show,” starring Mark Malkoff. Episode one debuted online today. Roll it.

Malkoff interviewed someone who interviewed Murray for the first episode.

Malkoff told The Comic’s Comic that even before (and without) Murray’s appearance, he has four episodes filmed in his apartment and ready to upload, each with dinner prepared by Malkoff’s wife, Christine, and a guest in Murray’s place for Malkoff to interview. “One person I interviewed parked Bill Murray’s car at a country club when he played golf,” Malkoff said.

Malkoff also is looking for hashtag suggestions from Twitter users to leverage for the project.

There’s also a Bill Murray Tip Hotline, in case you know or have seen Bill Murray and can help Malkoff’s wishes come true — that number isĀ (212) 574-7996.

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