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“The Carson Podcast” with Mark Malkoff

Jimmy Fallon has taken over The Tonight Show this week. What better time to reminisce about Johnny Carson, right? Right. Welcome to “The Carson Podcast,” hosted by Mark Malkoff. Malkoff made his mark online over the past several years by doing things you didn’t dare dream — living in an IKEA, bringing a goat into an Apple Store, consuming something at every Starbucks in Manhattan within 24 hours — but this is no stunt. This is a culmination of Malkoff’s lifelong obsession with The Tonight Show and particularly the three decades in which Johnny Carson reigned over late-night. And...

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“The Bill Murray Show,” starring Mark Malkoff: Episode #1

Nothing up his Web sleeves… For his next trick, online daredevil — non-life-threatening division — Mark Malkoff has a simple request. He has invited Bill Murray over to his Queens apartment for dinner. Yes. That Bill Murray. Comedy superstar Bill Murray. All-around beloved-by-all-around Bill Murray. Ludicrous? No. Expecting Chris Bridges to show up in Astoria to hang out with Malkoff and his wife: That would be ludicrous. Murray is legendary even off-camera for deciding all of his personal and professional affairs without handlers or managers, but instead by listening to messages on his toll-free phone number. He has been...

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For his next trick, Mark Malkoff rents a NYC taxi, offers free cab rides for a day

Friend of the site Mark Malkoff recently went online to Twitter and Facebook and told everyone that for one day, if they were in NYC, he would offer them a free cab ride. How’d he do it? By renting out a NYC taxicab, of course. Before you watch, guess how much money he ended up spending. Then find three other people to make guesses. Then you’ve just turned this clip into your very own “home game” of The Price is Right! Roll the clip! Previously: Mark Malkoff finds out you can do almost anything that’s legal in an Apple...

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Can anyone get six-pack abs in 30 days? Mark Malkoff’s latest video challenge for My Damn Channel

Michael Sorrentino's nickname is a misnomer: Having a washboard stomach is not "The Situation." Having a gut is. Mark Malkoff didn't quite have a gut when he started his latest video challenge for My Damn Channel, but he did feel like most people who see people with six-pack abs and wonder: Could I have six-pack abs, too? Says Malkoff: "Men's magazines always have headlines reading, 'Get Six-Pack Abs in 30 days.' I wanted to see what a regular guy who doesn't work out would have to subject himself to in order to look like 'The Situation.'" See what happened, after the jump!    With help two to three times each day from a personal trainer, Robert Brace, Malkoff's workouts took him across New York City, and took 16.8 pounds off of his already slight frame. Spoiler...

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