Jay Roach on Austin Powers 4

Austin Powers 4: The Dr. Evil spin-off?

Tired of hearing nonsense non-news about a new installment to the Ghostbusters movie franchise?

Let’s mix it up, and turn our attention to the Austin Powers spy spoofery of Mike Myers and director Jay Roach. Roach, who’s making the media rounds to promote his new comedy film, The Campaign (starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis), told MTV that he and Myers have discussed potential storylines for a fourth Austin Powers movie.

Among the ideas: A Dr. Evil spin-off.

But Roach added, not only to cover his tracks but also to keep your expectations to a minimum, that he and Myers won’t proceed with the franchise until they’ve hit upon an idea they all agree upon. “When it’s exactly right, that’s when it’ll take off,” he said.

Roll the clip.

What? You got a problem with this post?

Dr. Evil has two words for you. “Zip it!”

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