One of Montreal’s New Faces of comedy from the 2012 Just For Laughs festival found success even before leaving the festival last weekend.

Josh Rabinowitz has been tapped by Apple as its newest TV spokesman, and ads featuring Rabinowitz as an “Apple Genius” began airing over the weekend, during broadcasts of the Summer Olympics. How about that for exposure?

Here are the first ads for Apple’s Mac featuring Rabinowitz. Roll the clips!

Rabinowitz as an emergency helper mid-flight on an airplane:

Rabinowitz letting a consumer know that he “basically” did not buy an actual Mac from a shady retailer. Featuring UCB, Comedy Bang! Bang! and Funny or Die regular Seth Morris as the consumer victim!

And in this ad, Rabinowitz helps a father-to-be announce his new baby. Hey, look! That baby daddy is played by UCB co-founder Matt Besser!