Day: July 26, 2012

First look: Montreal’s 2012 New Faces of Comedy, Groups 1-2

For the past couple of decades, Montreal’s “New Faces of Comedy” has represented a watershed moment in the careers of stand-up comedians. Getting invited to Montreal for New Faces meant you had made it. Or maybe you hadn’t made it just yet, but this represented your big break, your chance to “make it” in comedy and show business. To move beyond the independent bars and back rooms of stand-up and graduate to the mainstream comedy clubs, the road circuit, and perhaps even more. All eyes of the industry would be upon you. Agents, managers, casting agencies, network executives, the...

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FOX greenlights “Short-Com Comedy Hour” series, eyes stand-up comedians to showcase

Montreal’s Just For Laughs festival just got that much more interesting, as FOX announced Wednesday that it had ordered The Short-Com Comedy Hour, with up to nine episodes airing next summer and showcasing stand-up comedians in four mini sitcoms (short-coms) per hour. “We are basically ripping open the traditional scripted comedy development process with The Short-Com Comedy Hour,” FOX’s Entertainment President Kevin Reilly said. “Our end goal is to provide distinct comedy voices with a world-class platform to experiment, grow and perfect their ideas and to hopefully build them into mainstream comedy hits in the future.” FOX’s two comedy chiefs — Suzanna...

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Jerry Seinfeld, Colin Quinn to make five-borough comedy tour of NYC

Jerry Seinfeld usually drops in at New York City comedy clubs in the days leading up to his appearances on Late Show with David Letterman, so he can work out the kinks of what he’ll joke about during a stand-up set or even on panel chat with Letterman. But Seinfeld hasn’t performed a headlining gig in the city since 1998, when he recorded a Broadway run of “I’m Telling You for the Last Time.” He’ll make up for that to all New Yorkers this fall when he, along with Colin Quinn (whom Seinfeld directed on Broadway in Quinn’s most...

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