Watch UCB actor Jeffrey Marx on ABC’s “The Glass House”

While improvisers from around the country (and even some international actors) converge on New York City this weekend for the annual Del Close Marathon, some of the Upright Citizens Brigade star pupils inevitably cannot make it because they’re in the middle of production of a TV or film project.

Jeffrey Marx, right, appearing on ABC's "The Glass House" this summer.

This summer, the UCB’s Jeffrey Marx is living in a glass house. Make it The Glass House, the new reality competition program on ABC (that CBS failed to stop, claiming it was ripping off its own Big Brother show). It airs on Monday nights and offers live streaming online for viewing late-night Mondays and Tuesday-Thursday afternoons.

Marx has “survived” the first two weeks in the house. Marx, 35, billed himself as a receptionist from Brooklyn whose special skill is “collecting kitsch.”

See his intro video for the show!

And for his bio, Marx wrote:

I had never been to New York City before moving here 9 years ago with my friends.  My job as a paraeducator for people with disabilities in California ended due to budget cuts, and since I didn’t have the resources to finish college, I thought a creative adventure would be worthwhile.  After many retail positions, writing classes, and temp assignments, I settled into being a very, very high powered… receptionist.  I miss the days when I worked as a summer camp administrator and job coach for people with developmental disabilities, but I am a true believer of that tired, old saying “Everything happens for a reason.”  My motivation in life right now is trying to define and discover the new American Dream.  We have all been told it exists, but there are so many paths to choose from on the way to finding it.  Perhaps this show is part of that journey.  My humorous outlook on the world around us keeps me grounded and sane.  My family of friends and I have fun hosting game nights, themed brunches, and silly hat parties.  I am very passionate about LGBTQ civil rights and activism, Mexican food, and my sweet mother, who, as a cancer survivor, has taught me that the power of positivity conquers all.

Speaking of a humorous outlook — on the show, he describes himself as a big, fun bear; in NYC, Marx has studied with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater since 2003.

He has coached improv teams and also performed with UCB house teams such as Tantrum and Beverly Hills, participated in “The Dirtiest Sketch Show,” “Marx the Spot,” and “B-Roll: Fact or Fiction.” Back in California, he had helped found the Rude Guerilla Theatre Co., in Santa Ana.

Jeffrey Marx, left, waits for a ball toss in a challenge on ABC's "The Glass House."

Marx’s easy-going, fun-loving attitude has carried him through the first two televised episodes of The Glass House, in which he has had to team up with half of his competitors in weekly challenges that help decide which two players will be up for the weekly vote-off by the show’s viewers.

You can see how he does this summer by watching on TV Monday nights or online.

The final resident of “The Glass House” will win $250,000.

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5 thoughts on “Watch UCB actor Jeffrey Marx on ABC’s “The Glass House”

  1. I think jeffrey is really a good person he has a big heart he is smart and he is so cute and extremly hot I would love to meet him and dream of being his boy friend I love you jeffrey

  2. I hope Jeffrey Marx loses. He claims to be into LGBT civil rights and activism when all he does is create anti-bear blogs and start fights with gay/lesbian people by putting people down. Jeffrey Marx is just a bully. How can that lack of respect to people lead to civil rights. It is just a false claim.

    Jeffrey Marx is racist. He wrote statements about how he doesn’t have sex or date “blackies” or “gator bait” and how he never trusts “blackies”.

    Jeffrey Marx claims to be an educator and a coach for people with disabilities, when he posted lewd sexual photos and videos of himself on bear411, Manhunt and xtube. I wouldn’t want a relative or a friend of mine anywhere near Jeffrey Marx. Why would I let a pervert take care of a person with disabilities?

    Jeffrey Marx is a racist, perverted bully who is fake, smiles while you are in the room but then starts fights by slandering you behind your back. Believe me or not, but the truth always comes out and I know other people agree.

    1. This sounds like someone who is mad at Jeffrey for speaking some direct truth. I know Jeffrey and that wasn’t an anti-bear blog, it was an anti-polyamory-stop-touching-my-boyfriend blog and it was up for a day and a half before Jeffrey felt bad and took it down. People make mistakes. Do we crucify them forever?

      He also totally dates black guys. You’re just making stuff up now about racism.

      Even IF there were videos or pics of him on gay hook up sites, how does that invalidate his years of genuine care and experience for people with disabilities? He has over 15 years of experience in that field, something that takes patience, humor, and the ability to communicate in an different and effective way. All of his ex-students LOVE him because he a great. Putting the pervert label on him speaks more of you than him.

      Jeffrey speaks the truth, not always in a gentle way, so he pisses people off from time to time. If you didn’t do something stupid, he wouldn’t have said anything, then you would be mad at him to this day to write up some bullcrap on a silly comment thread. Take a self evaluation. Crawl back in your miserable hole, Miss Anonymous.

      1. oh AND he actually has done a lot of equality work through Occupy Wall Street caucuses, gay grassroots groups, and other political outlets, rallies, and marches. Probably more than you’ve done for anything.

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