Hyundai ad inspired by Louis CK routine: Why?

A new Hyundai ad debuted over the weekend, with a neighbor’s son asking him many questions. One answer merely inspires a new “Why?”

Of course, this easily could have been inspired by comedian Louis CK’s old bit, which imagined this scenario playing out many times with parents and their own children.

Now it’s time for you to imagine the similarities.

First, the 30-second spot for Hyundai’s 2013 Sonata. Roll it.

And now, here is Louis CK expanding upon the premise, as the closing bit for his 2005 HBO One Night Stand half-hour. CK’s take, obviously, is a little bit more realistic and therefore contains NSFW language. But you knew that. Roll the clip!

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4 thoughts on “Hyundai ad inspired by Louis CK routine: Why?

  1. I found this because the Hyundai ad made me laugh. I watched the Louis CK bit and I laughed so hard my stomach cramped and I was crying. I watched it again and the same thing happened. My new favorite comic.

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