Anyone can throw on a mask and pretend to be a Mexican wrestler for laughs. Just ask Jack Black, who employed this method to great effect in 2006 for Nacho Libre. Or go back in time to Seattle, before the Y2K virus wiped out life on Earth, and a time in which my comedian friend Scott Meyer would transform into El Destructo.

But what if you take a Saturday Night Live alum and longtime old-school member of the Upright Citizens Brigade, and turn him into a Mexican wrestler who has become a crimefighter in New York City, thanks to a secret police certificate? And he has brought a camera crew to document his crusade?

Meet ESPANTO! Played by Horatio Sanz, Espanto’s first adventure finds him up against “The Deadly Pimps” in his effort to crack down on illegal prostitution. Note: Language and content might be Not Safe For Work. OK? Roll it!

In the second episode, Espanto takes on muggers and offers tips for you out there to stay safe on them thar mean streets.

And in the third and final installment, Espanto fights the War on Drugs. Care to guess how well he fares?