Successful stand-up comedy duos are rare; rarer, still, are comedy duos who are identical twins. The Sklars probably are best-known among today’s acts. Stone & Stone perform regularly here in New York City.

And now here come The Lucas Brothers, from High Point, N.C. Keith and Kenny Lucas now make the rounds in NYC’s comedy scene, as well as gigs around the country. Last night was their biggest gig to date: A network TV debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Their low-key style and easy give-and-take as they recount stories and tell jokes makes it easy to go along for the ride for laughs. Even when you find out what happened to their father. Keep an eye on these twins. Some hard-hitting jokes here that play off of them being identical twins. Roll the clips!

Oh, NBC and its policy of splitting videos on Hulu that go much past five minutes (imagine if they did that for their SNL sketches?!? Egads). Here’s the second half of their set.