President Obama gives props to Key & Peele, slow jams the news with Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon and his Late Night crew traveled to the University of North Carolina campus for a special episode of their show for the chance to talk with President Barack Obama on Tuesday night.

And did they talk.

Obama noted that he hasn’t had much time to keep up with current TV and movies, but said his staff had shown him a clip of Comedy Central’s Key & Peele — specifically a sketch in which Jordan Peele impersonates the president while Keegan-Michael Key serves as Obama’s translator. “They’ve got a guy who imitates me pretty well,” Obama said, adding later after describing the sketch as best he could without accidentally swearing on network television: “That’s good stuff.”

Here, for reference, is that sketch to which Obama was referring:

Earlier on Late Night, Fallon convinced Obama to participate in his Slow Jam The News segment — a role normally reserved for NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams.

When was the last time we had a Commander-in-Chief who was this smooth? Ever? He even dropped the mic! Can anyone pull up a Hulu or YouTube clip of Teddy Roosevelt? No? Alrighty then.

Kudos also to Fallon and the Late Night staff for making this happen.

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