Is there a comedian you’d absolutely love to see in Montreal this July as part of the 30th anniversary of the Just For Laughs festival?

Then not only can you voice your opinion to the JFL programming people, but also get a chance to see that performer(s) for yourself! And if you’re the type of comedian who wants to game the system in your own selfish self-interest (redundancy cynicism conspiracy theory alert!), then you can persuade your friends, family and fans to help give you that big break for which you’ve been waiting. But seriously. Is there someone you think absolutely positively needs to be a part of the French-Canadian funny-comedy festivities this July?

If so, here are the details of the #MyJFL Contest:

  • By April 30, 2012 (a week from when I’m typing this right NOW), submit a video of between 10-15 seconds in which you announce your choice for the Just For Laughs festival.
  • Upload that video to Twitter, and when doing so, mention @Just_For_Laughs, along with the hashtag #MyJFL.

On May 9, 2012, if the JFL people include your video as part of the launch event, then you win! What do you win? Free tickets to the show your comedian is performing in, as well as the likelihood of a backstage meet-and-greet.

More info? Click here.