Month: April 2012

SNL’s Fred Armisen, Jason Sudeikis talk playing Obama, Romney and Biden

If you missed Meet the Press on Sunday morning, then don’t worry about it. Because you likely wouldn’t have seen this 15-minute conversation with Fred Armisen and Jason Sudeikis on your NBC-TV dial, anyhow. It’s the Internet, baby! David Gregory visited the Saturday Night Live to chat up Armisen and Sudeikis, because it’s a presidential election year, and because these two guys play the three guys currently in the mix for Election 2012. Armisen, of course, has played President Barack Obama for the past four years. Sudeikis, meanwhile, is currently on double-duty, impersonating both Vice President Joe Biden as...

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Darrell Hammond returns to Late Show with David Letterman

For the first time since publishing his heart-wrenching memoir, Darrell Hammond returned to the Ed Sullivan Theater to perform stand-up Friday on Late Show with David Letterman. Don’t worry. Things didn’t get maudlin here. Nope. Instead, you’re treated to Hammond’s familiar impersonations made famous on his record-setting tenure on Saturday Night Live, including former President Bill Clinton and current millionaire buffoon Donald Trump. Plus, Hammond offers his thoughts as a traveling comedian on the power of the TSA to counter terrorism. Roll the...

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Jimmy Kimmel’s speech at the 2012 White House Correspondents Dinner

The years since Stephen Colbert shocked the White House Correspondents Dinner — and then sitting President George W. Bush — have seen the so-called “nerd prom” (how are they nerds and how is this a prom, exactly?) veer every which way but loose in a systematically reactive process in trying to find a speaker who is funny but not too on-the-nose about pointing out the foibles of the Commander-in-Chief, the Congress or the reporters and other journalists who cover them. Since Colbert’s tour-de-force in 2006, the WHCD has turned to, in order: Rich Little (safe), newly-made U.S. citizen Craig...

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Go behind the scenes of the Moontower Comedy Festival with Inside Joke

Are you attending the inaugural Moontower Comedy Festival in Austin this week? Do you wish you were there? Regardless of your answer, local comedians Kerri Lindo and John Merriman have been there for you, and then some, going behind the scenes to capture interviews with the comedians, go with them on field trips around Austin, and more in daily video reports. The festival wraps up tonight. Until then, catch up and/or relive Moontower with Inside Joke. Roll the clips! Day One: April 25, 2012. Lindo and Merriman check out the competing festivals, and they talk to Austin-based-and-raised comedians Chris...

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Weighing in on The Comedy Awards 2012

The Comedy Awards 2012 will air on Comedy Central on Sunday, May 6. But the taping happens tonight in New York City, so this is my last chance to put in my two cents — as well as your last chance in a few viewers choice categories to help select winners — on who will and who should win in this second annual installment of the newest version of honors for comedians and comedic actors. First, since you do have a few days, hours (or minutes, depending upon when you read this) to cast your votes in four categories,...

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