Trend alert! Jim Gaffigan to follow Louis CK model for new CD, sell on own site, donate 20% to charity

The media loves a trend and we gots ourselves one now, as Jim Gaffigan announced overnight that he would sell his upcoming CD exclusively on his own website for $5, donating $1 from each sale to The Bob Woodruff Foundation for injured war veterans.

Gaffigan acknowledged that the recent example and success of Louis CK served as inspiration for him to make this move.

Here is the full letter Gaffigan wrote to fans:

Dear Internet Friends,

Inspired by the brilliant Louis CK, I have decided to debut my all-new hour stand-up special on my website,

Beginning sometime in April, “Jim Gaffigan: Mr. Universe” will be available exclusively for download for only $5. A dollar from each download will go directly to The Bob Woodruff Foundation; a charity dedicated to serving injured Veterans and their families.

I am confident that the low price of my new comedy special and the fact that 20% of each $5 download will be donated to this very noble cause will prevent people from stealing it. Maybe I’m being naïve, but I trust you guys. Besides who would want the karma of stealing money from wounded Veterans? Come on you guys. How dare you even think about it?

I know I am taking a risk here. People I respect have advised me to take the safer, more traditional route with the premiere of the special. However, I am incredibly motivated by the courage of Louie to offer his fans direct access for a low price. Buyers of my special can be assured that their money will go directly to feeding and raising my four children instead of a giant corporation. I will self-produce a high quality special with all new material that will be incredibly easy to download and then you will own it. Forever. For $5. Roughly the price of five packs of Ramen Noodles. And believe me my special is going to be much better than five packs of disgusting Ramen Noodles. Gross.

Not going with a big corporation means I won’t have any advertising. There will be no bells and whistles or billboards but maybe you can help. If you like the special, tell your friends to download it too. That’s the best kind of advertising anyway.

I must admit that I have not felt this excited and nervous since I first tried stand up over 100 years ago. It’s humbling to take a risk that you are not sure will work. You don’t know if a joke will bomb unless you try it.

If no one buys the special or if lots of people steal it then I suppose I will lose a lot of money and have egg on my face. But then again I have four kids so I am always losing money and usually have egg or some kind of food on my face so it might just feel normal.

Let me know what you think.

Your Best Friend,



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