Patrice O’Neal’s posthumous stand-up comedy CD, Mr. P, is a worthy successor to his brilliant 2011 CD/DVD, Elephant in the Room.

Not that Patrice would care at all what I or anyone else had to say about it.

Patrice was about the work, onstage, and being just real offstage as he was on it. There was no subject too sensitive for him to joke about, no bridge he wasn’t willing to burn to the ground. He could explain the theory of high gas prices as easily as he could the Japanese tsunami, as he could the beautiful woman sitting in the front row at his show, and let you know why we act the way we do. Patrice was truth personified. Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow. Sometimes we’d rather hear a “white lie.” Patrice was cold, hard, funny black truth.

Here’s a track from the album, “Hate People Touching Me.” Sample it!

You can buy Mr. P by Patrice O’Neal on iTunes. All of the proceeds go to help his family:

Mr. P - Patrice O'Neal