There are many injustices in the comedy world. One of the biggest remains the fact that we no longer have Phil Hartman’s comedic brilliance to enjoy in new and wonderful roles. Another is realizing that the late Hartman — star of Saturday Night Live, NewsRadio, The Simpsons and more — doesn’t have his own star on Canada’s Walk of Fame. I know, right?!?

Well, we can help fix this. And if you’d like to have yourself a unique, one-of-a-kind Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer doll, then you can do that, too, by taking part in a charity auction in February benefiting Heal the Bay (a nonprofit group that Phil worked with while he was alive). The auction will take place on eBay from Feb. 4-14, 2012, and here’s what the custom handmade doll looks like:

So nominate Phil Hartman for Canada’s Walk of Fame, and watch/listen as Mike Scott explains everything in a video. Scott is the guy who once was a younger guy who asked Hartman for comedy advice and received a sincere response via handwritten letter.

Roll the clip.