Louis CK tells Fallon about earning $1 million in 10 days, and how he’s giving most of it away

The Louis CK comedy train keeps chugging along and picking up more fans along the way as 2011 comes to a close. This is a different train from the Dane Train, mind you. Anyhow. I’m dumb. Louis CK is smart. His new stand-up special, Live at the Beacon Theater, has earned more than $1 million for him within the first 10 days of him putting it on sale exclusively on his site. Actually, CK told Jimmy Fallon last night on Late Night that he already has sold more than 220,000 copies at $5 each (although PayPal does take a small commission on each purchase).

“That’s too much money,” he said. “I’ve never had a million dollars all at once.”

He said he felt uncomfortable about having all of this money.

So he decided to put $250,000 back into his production company. He paid out another $250,000 in Christmas bonuses to people who work for him. And then he took another $280,000 and donated it to charities. That leaves $220,000 — plus whatever he continues to earn on future sales — for himself and his family.

Roll the clip.


Here are the charities Louis CK said he gave money to this week:

  • The Fistula Foundation (about $40,000), helping pay for surgeries to women who injure their fistulas during childbirth
  • Green Chimneys ($125,000), providing animal-based therapy for children
  • Charity Water ($70,000), a nonprofit providing safe drinking water to developing nations
  • The Pablove Foundation,¬†helping kids with cancer
  • Kiva, empowering people around the world through micro-loans

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  1. I am so happy Louis CK thought of the Fistula Foundation. They help women who truly are forgotten, mostly because thay are poor and live in remote places. Every surgery is like bringng a woman back to life. Way to go Louis!

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