Bing Faithful for the holidays; Bob Kulhan to spread the “Christmas Hot Pants” cheer in NYC

Bing Faithful is no Bing Crosby, nor is he affiliated with Bing, that attempt by Microsoft to make you forget how to Google.

Nope. He’s the creation of Chicago improviser (and Baby Wants Candy founding member) Bob Kulhan. As Bing Faithful, he’s a holiday crooner with a twist. In Bing Faithful’s Very Merry Nondenominational Holiday Special, which he brings to New York City for its premiere here on Dec. 22 at The PIT, we learn that all of the members of his band — The Bing Faithful 5 — sadly could not make it to the show. A determined performer, he mounts the whole show solo. Well, with a little help from audience members, who offer requests for holiday songs for him to sing all five-part harmonies to. And a little help from some of his friends, who hail from SNL, Second City, Baby Wants Candy and The PIT.

Here’s a taste of Bing Faithful and his friends in their song, “Christmas Hot Pants.” I couldn’t help but notice that some of the people at his hot pants party aren’t even wearing pants. Not that anyone is complaining! Roll it.

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