Ticket giveaway: See Stephen Merchant on his first stand-up tour to NYC

Stephen Merchant, whom you may well know as the co-creator with Ricky Gervais of both The Office and Extras, (as well as The Ricky Gervais Show and podcast, An Idiot Abroad and Life’s Too Short) is wrapping up his first major stand-up comedy tour with his first dates in the States. A small show at UCBeast on Sunday, Dec. 18, as well as a theatrical debut at Town Hall, on Tuesday, Dec. 20, already have sold out. Tickets do remain for the Wednesday, Dec. 21, show — but if you cannot pay for them, perhaps you could win one of five pairs of tickets that The Comic’s Comic has!


That’s right.

Ticket giveaway time! But first, let’s see a few quick clips of Merchant onstage mixed with backstage chat with him about his return to stand-up. Roll it.

Alrighty then. Where was I? TICKET GIVEAWAY! Post your best plea in the comments below and I’ll pick five winners who can make it to Town Hall in NYC on Wednesday, Dec. 21, to see Stephen Merchant perform live.

The rest of you will have to try your luck with Ticketmaster. Good luck!

Oh, and if you’re on the West Coast, know that Merchant has a few dates planned in January 2012 in Los Angeles (at Largo) and San Francisco (at Cobb’s).

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21 thoughts on “Ticket giveaway: See Stephen Merchant on his first stand-up tour to NYC

  1. Oh my god… Do I really have to leave a plea? I CRY. I CREY, even. For both – having to post a comment for everyone to see and because just me bitching about it will lower my chances. GOD, BUDDAH, ALLAH, WHY? WHY CAN’T I JUST HAVE THIS THING THAT I WANT? I love Stephen Merchant. Yeah, yeah, no, I really do. I sing his praises. I mean, I watch the Tooth Fairy, ok? And sing that movie’s praises. No one “gets” it. I stand behind that decision. Anyway, I would love, love, to win these tickets to see him because NO ONE CAN LOVE HIM LIKE I CAN! In the Tri-State Area, at the very least. … I mean, seriously, it’s The Rock and Stephen Merchant in fairy costumes, how can that not be funny? Anyway, again, I would totally appreciate these tickets! Thanks.

  2. I honestly can’t think of a plea that’s huge. Sure, I could say that Time Travelling Cyber-Bears will kill me, if I don’t see the show and laugh. Which doesn’t make sense. Because why would Time Travelling Cyber-Bears tell me that I have to laugh, when I totally would, it’s Stephen Merchant fer cryin’ out loud! I love NYC. I love British comedy. I love The Comics Comic, so even if I’m not picked, at least you read my compliment! 🙂

  3. I absolutely love Stephen Merchant! I’m always looking for his cameos because re-listening to the ricky gervais podcasts or re-playing portal 2’s story mode just to hear him isn’t enough! Please, let me see him in person so that when I die, my tombstone may read:

    “Here lies Drew. He died as he lived: Creepily in love with Stephen Merchant.”

  4. I was introduced to Stephan Merchant through my girlfriend. She is a HUGE fan and I would love to take her to his see his stand-up. We’ll both be in town for the 21st.

    I also think first should count for something. Hope to hear from you.

  5. PLEASE don’t send me through the hell of Ticketmaster. It is not the place for a timid, soft-skinned youth like myself.

  6. I was just scouring Stub Hub for tickets and then this was in my RSS feed!

    Stephen Merchant is one of the things in life that I find endlessly funny. The scene in the Extras Christmas special of him dancing to his cell phone ringer is one of my favorites. Please, sir, choose me. It will be my Christmas wish!

    Also, love the blog!

  7. My family decided to eschew Xmas presents this year because of the cost of flying to meet up. We are as cheap as Steve Merchant! It would be my only gift of the season.

  8. Nice turnout, readers! I want to make sure I didn’t miss any comments that needed to be moderated. Winners will be notified via email over the weekend. Thanks for your responses.

  9. I love Stephen Merchant. Ever since I saw him on the UK Office I knew this guy was my kind of fella. I followed him to Extras, where I started worshiping the expert talent management of Darren Lamb. For my money, Darren and Barry (off eastenders) are the best bar pick up duo in existence. After Extras I needed to fill the void, and did so by downloading every single episode of The Ricky Gervais podcast and laughing, loudly, on a subway as confused passengers probably thought I was a psychopath. I am also America’s most outspoken advocate of Cemetery Junction. Steve Merchant is hilarious, and my favorite writer/actor/comedian.

  10. Hi Stephen,
    Welcome! I would love to see your show, to experience the man who has had his hand up Ricky Gervais’ butt, feeding him all those funny lines, making him look hilarious’ (qualified as it must be)…

    Love and understand British humour, beginning with Beyond The Fringe, working my way through Monte Python and such.

    For your debut, ‘Fracta tibia!’


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